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Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update

 Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update

Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update
Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update

Ansh takes Payal from capacity. Chitali says what we will do now? Vedsheree says we cannot make it an issue. Avi says we won’t bow down to Ansh. Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update. Mohana says so you will conflict with davansh? Vedsheree says you did it? he adores Piya and wont take a gander at another young lady, you incited him. Mohana says fine, he tuned in to me and consented to wed payal, my blood prevailed upon your childhood, attempt to stop Ansh and see what occurs. Vedsheree reviews how Nishant requesting that her do what Ansh says, Vedsheree says we cannot stop him today.Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update.Cleric says where will we discover mani? Master Maa says God will encourage us. Snake turns out from Shivling,Priest says appears as though God sent message.

Ansh brings Payal in capacity. Rishi inquires as to why he is holding her hand? Ansh says she is my future spouse. Payal’s folkscome there. Ansh says I am wedding Payal, her folks are stunned. Vedsheree comes there and says it is anything but a joke, Payal is wedding Ansh and not Rishi. Her folks state what? Chitali says they need to get hitched to one another so what would we be able to do? Rishi irately leaves from that point.Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Master Maa and Priest are following snake, wind stops in wilderness. He goes in a gap. Master Maa says Nitn mani ought to be here, burrow it.

Nishant sees Piya vanishing and says cleric is discovering arrangement, I can give him time. He brings a blade and says this is all the more ground-breaking, in the event that we need to keep Piya here, we need to give some other body that will be sent to dishak lok. He takes blade and wounds himself. Saanvi shouts.Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update
Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update

Vedsheree says to Payal’s folks that Payal and Ansh needs to get hitched. Her mom says however shouldn’t something be said about Piya? Vedsheree says its for Piya and everybody’s wellbeing, trust me this is the proper thing, I guarantee you that Payal will wed Rishi just however we can imagine that we approve of Ansh’s marriage with Payal, marriage is in two days so we will imagine till them. Rishi comes there and says you individuals have crossed all points of confinement. Nazar 26 December 2018 Written Episode Update.

Nishant says to Saanvi that I needed to do it for Piya, Priest will come soon to spare Piya, in the event that I dont return, deal with Piya, dont let her go to dishank lok else she will be caught, he vanishes to dishank lok. Saanvi cries. Piya’s tear tumbles down.

Cleric is attempting to burrow yet sand props up back in burrow. Naman comes there and inquires as to whether they require help?

Scene 2

In capacity, all visitors have left. Ansh holds Payal’s hand and says to family that I sent visitors away in light of the fact that we just need lady of the hour and prep in marriage. Payal needs to wed me. Counterfeit Payal grins. Payal’s folks state that we are against this marriage. Ansh says this marriage will happen else we can leave. Vedsheree says we can begin with customs. Ansh says we are not intrigued by customs, we simply need to do marriage today. Vedsheree says we need to call minister, let me converse with him. She calls and says minister would you be able to desire marriage? what you will come at 6PM? OK I will do arrangements. She reveals to Ansh that cleric will come around 6PM.

Master Maa asks Naman to get lost. Naman says I need to help Piya, you both are old, given me a chance to burrow it. Master Maa says you have dependably swindled us, Piya doesnt require your assistance. Naman takes wind symbol and says I can help.

Rishi says to himself that they thoroughly take care of Ansh since adolescence, they are making Payal wed Ansh. He sees Payal in a pen and dangling from overhang, he is dazed.

Naman turns around and makes a delve in tragic. Minister sees nitn mani. Naman burrows more, mani begins shining.

Vedsheree says to family that I didnt converse with cleric, he has gone to make Piya fine and afterward Ansh will be fine. Chitali says imagine a scenario in which it doesnt occur till 6PM. Chitali says we wont advise anything to Payal and Ansh till at that point.

Master Maa shouts. Cleric and Naman cannot see due to sparkles. Master Maa says individuals cannot take a gander at mani as it ensures itself yet I am visually impaired so I can take it. She holds mani (precious stone).

She conveys mani to mandir and it quits starting. Naman reviews how Mohana requesting that he stop Guru Maa and cleric from awakening Piya else he will be dead. Master Maa says we will utilize this mani to bring Piya back. Naman eyes it.

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